Monday, July 04, 2005

Stevie G Speculation

What do you guys think about Gerrard moving to Chelsea or Real? Rumours or quite likely? Who would they get instead of him should he decide to leave?


Blogger Bahraini Rants said...

Stevie G...

this whole "unhappy" stench is coming straight from the Stevie G camp... Rafa's no idiot he wouldn't force his captain out. The truth is, Stevie is a hot ticket right now, but who is willing to pay for him? Madrid, just signed Diogo from River Plate (a star in the making) and they've got Gravesson, I really can't see them spending all that money on Stevie this season.. Plus, they've got their sights firmly set on Robinho...

Chelski's available and ready to buy him for whatever price... but I still don't think he'd move there.. Chelsea is a big club because they have big money backing them.. Their hope is to become a profitable company with a solid youth setup in 4-5 years - Stevie wants to move to Champions of Football, not a team that just won their first premiership in 50 years..

If he doesn't stay at Anfield, then I really have a feeling an Italian team will come knocking... Milan don't have a need to purchase a midfielder (gattuso, pirlo, kaka, seedorf)... Inter are on the rise, but I can see Juve stepping in for him.. with a World Class Trainer like Capello, the backing of the Agnelli fortune, a squad boasting champions like (Del Piero, Canna, Thuram, Buffon, Ibrahimovic, Nedved, Zambro, Emerson, Camoranesi, Trezegol) - Stevie G would fit in perfectly... Also, don't forget Lucciano Moggi is the craftiest negotiator in Modern football, he wrote the book on steals...Juve's won the Scudetto, they'll want to defend it, they've just recalled some of their players from loans, etc. - buying one star like Steven Gerrard makes a whole lot of sense to me... They'll spend if need be...

That's 30 million pounds that Rafa will have at his disposal... I wonder if Rafa will try to bring a No.10 playmaker style of play to Liverpool... Maybe Aimar... they've already got Shabby Alonso there - what will Rafa do?

1:38 AM  
Blogger Mo said...

Well, its a done deal at this point. Gerrard just released a statement that falls short of openly admitting that he wants to leave. Chelsea have put in a bid and have admitted to doing so, and Liverpool are adamant that Gerrard lodges a transfer request before they accept any further offers. The way things are going, its just a matter of time before that itself happens.

Ahh, I remember in the midst of the euphoria how certain the captain seemed in wanting to stay. Its not all doom and gloom for Liverpool, however. For all of his brilliance Gerrard seemed to undermine the team ethic that Benitez likes to cultivate in his teams. He grabbed all the headlines and the talk always circulated around him, and a team unit doesn't need that kind of attention lavished on one individual. Maybe him leaving Anfield is a blessing in disguise for Stevie's soon to be old club.

9:46 AM  
Blogger Q said...

He's quitting for sure apparently, its a matter of where and when! I personally think he will go to Chelsea. Althought that would suck on every aspect, it would most definitely improve England's chances in 2006 WC! If Chelsea have a starting midfield of Lampard, Gerrard, Joe Cole, and whoever, with Terry behind them, you already have 3 main players (all but Cole) who will be definite starters in England playing together for a full season before the WC!

Now if he does go to Chelsea, and you were Mourinho, what midfield would u play? If all players are healthy, you would have to rotate between Lampard, Gerrard, Makelele, and Geremi for the 2 in the middle, with Smertin and Tiago also trying to get a chance! On the sides, Robben, Duff, Cole, as well as Tiago and Smertin I guess.

If I had to choose, Id go with -

Robben Lampard Gerrard Cole

But Makelele is also incredibly important, and is a dif player than will be tough for Mourinho to keep that balance act!

4:35 PM  
Blogger Mo said...

And now he's not leaving anymore. Interesting.

4:33 AM  
Blogger Q said...

bastard ruined all the fun!

7:53 AM  

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