Thursday, May 12, 2005

World Cup 2006 predictions.....

Its early, but its NEVER too early ot start making predictions on footie!

World Cup 2006 (FIFA bastards didnt give me a ticket! But thats another whole post!) is knocking on the doors!

So, three questions -

  • Who do you support?
  • Who do you think will win?
  • Rational reasons for your pick (no "because they kick ass" answers!)
Best thing about these blogs is that you can always check back on them, so lets see your footie expertise and analysis in action!


Blogger مبتدئ said...

Ooh good idea

I like the background

As to the topic..

Im not involved with football as much as I was..

I really want Holland to win.. but I dont know about it, they just NEVER win, even when they were at their best.

I dont want Germany nor England to go to the second round. Two teams I cannot stand.

btw, whos coaching Holland now?

2:15 PM  
Blogger Q said...

Mobi, welcome to Qadam as the person with the first comment ever!

Back to your subject -

the Dutch is a very interesting one now! They are being coached by none other than the great Marco Van Basten, who has introduced many young new faces into the team and has turned them into a real force!

He finally is getting the right mix of youth and experience that is proving itself capable of getting results. Having players like Robben, Sneijder, Babel, who are young and explosive always helps!

Personally, I cant wait to see Van Persie play up front for Holland, he will be a legend someday! I think they will do very well this World Cup, and it actually is their best chance to win a World Cup! It is being played in Germany, which also helps their cause in terms of fans and adaptability!

Germany, I hate. Absolutely hate! They can never be predictable!

England, very good team, and the best thing about it is that if they don't win it this time, most of the same team will still be playing 4 years later and will be 10 times stronger next World Cup!

4:57 PM  
Blogger forzaq8 said...

england are going to lose it , they are going to depend on bagam ham and they going to lose

germany i saw no young player that realy i think would do good , the team is like retierment house

i would mostly root for Chezk , i love the underdogs

i wish turkey play , and demolish the brazilians , my god that a shity team , no team work whatso ever

5:02 PM  
Blogger Purgatory said...

1) no one in particular

2) Germany

3) reasons, well let's just say I know things no one knows :)

6:46 AM  
Blogger Alex F said...

Love the blog..

I am (not) going to put my head on the line and say it now:

Spain will not win the 2006 World Cup.

I prefer to name finalists rather than outright winners because anything can happen in the final. More often than not, the best team reaches the final. So I'm going to have to have a long think about this one before I make a choice.

7:39 AM  
Blogger Bahraini Rants said...

hmmm 2006 world cup predictions... well since I'm somewhat of a conspiracy theorist, the trend for the world cup winner has always bounced between Europe and South America... Since Brazil won the 2002 world cup, my inclination is to pick a European team...

Although I love the Dutch,, without Bergkamp or someone as wonderfully creative as him, the Dutch are lacking that x factor that could make you say they have a chance... Sure they've got Robben and Van Nistelroy - but without that creative genius to pick out their runs, or set them off, I don't have much confidence.. We'll have to wait and see, but I give the Dutch one more major tournament before they start challenging for top honors..

Italy are my other love in International football, and I hope they can get their shit together, keep Totti in check, draft Bonera into that back line with Nesta and Canna.. Let Cassano get a run, maybe even Gila, & lets hope Bobo will finish off his international career in style... Italy look like they can do it every world cup, but I'm afraid to say I don't think they're not going to do it this time...

Personally, I think the English are going to win the world cup in deutscheland... Always promising - rarely delivering.. They've got a great young squad, already champions in their respective leagues... you can't tell me: Rooney, Owen, Beckham, Lambchops, Stevie G, J. Cole, Ash, Sol, Rio, Neville - Robinson don't sound good enough.. with subs like SWP, Hargreaves, Defoe, etc. they look electric.. Plus, if any other european team is going to win the world cup in Germany, you'd better believe it'll be the English...

anyways, those are my 200 fils on the predictions...

11:04 PM  
Blogger Mohi said...

Hello Alls,
Interesting post, but I think it could have been more relavent if we know whos qualified. So lets revisit when that happens, and see what the online betters think.

I personally support Italy but I dont see them really winning it this time. It is a good squad, and personally believe if Cassano starts every game something special can happen. This Italy team feels like the one of Euro 2000. Not the greatest, but solid.

I think Brazil will win it this time again. I know this is the easy answer but my God what a team they have. Their front line is orgasmic!. Ronaldinho, Ronaldo, Luis Fabiano, and soon to be the greatest forward ever created ADRIANO (yes I'm an Inter fan, but he really is great!). the midfield and defense are solid. Being an inter fan and suffering a many heart aches to milan this year, I can tell you Dida is for real.

I just dont see Englad doing much this time again. I was never convinced with Ericsson, and their team just doesnt get me excited. Spain should be good, but will dissapoint again. Holland should be excellent to watch, as will Argentina. Nedved and friends will be a force. France might not even make it to the cup, without Zidane they seem lost. I love Henry but he cant do it with out Zidane, plus so far he hasnt done what he does with his club for country.

Well thats my views. I can go on forever.


1:55 AM  
Blogger Lina said...

Italy have always been my favorite team, even though they've managed to wreck my nerves and break my heart me every time ever since I started seriously following up in 1994...

Yet I think this time they can actually win it... because Marcello Lippi is not like Trappatoni and Dino Zoff, I mean Lippi is something! AND if you're following the Serie A, you'd be able to tell that there are some very interesting new players to watch out for; so no longer do we have to dwell on Del Piero (uffffffff), Vieri, and even Totti! I'm not saying these guys are not great, but they never really pulled their act together on the international front.. can Gilardino, luca Toni, and Cassano finally snatch a Trophy?

11:47 AM  
Blogger Phantom of the Blog said...

they got 3rd last time

6:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

all bets are off. DEFINITELY brazil. there is a lot of talent there in their lineup. if anything, they are going to have a big problem choosing who is going to play, but once they get down to business, its going to be easy to see why these guy swill win. with talent like RONALDO,RONALDINHO, ROBERTO CARLOS, to name only a few, it is going to be very very difficult to beat them. not impossible, but extremely difficult.

6:01 AM  

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