Sunday, May 15, 2005


Today was the last day of the premiership season, and it was a roller coaster end to the season on the wrong side!

Day started with West Bromwich Albion in last place, with 31 points, Southampton with 32, Crystal Palace and Norwich at 33 points.

By the way, WBA were last place at Christmas, and historically, the team at the bottom of the table by Christmas has always been relegated!

In one afternoon, all four teams were in the coveted 17th place at one point or another during the game! So it was nailbiting stuff!

By halftime, Norwich looked out for sure, and with the game ending 6-0 to Fulham, that was a pathetic end to their adventure!

Southamton were up 1-0 againt Manchester United after only 10 mins, and it looked like they were safe. But Manchester came back and scored two, to end 27 years of premiership football for Southampton! Its a shame such a great stadium as St. Mary's is not used for premiership football! Best stadium Ive been to in England!

Crystal Palace looked to be safe with 20 mins to go, after leading 2-1 against Charlton, only to see their dreams of another year in the premiership shattered with 8 mins remaining!

But the miracle of miracles has to be WBA's promotion!! Bryan Robson has taken a team that was destined to be relegated according to history, and achieved the impossible, keeping them in the top flight for at least one more year! I was really happy for them, and watching their celebration at the end, its great to see a team surviving after a tough fight and their crowd, which is one of the best in the premiership! This is a pic of the crazy celebrations after the final whistle and after getting the Crystal Palace game score!

Dont u just love football?!


Blogger forzaq8 said...

you know the game with the chairs and music ? and when the music stop you have to sit on one ?

that seria A ( italy )

there is 5 point between the 19th and the 8th and 2 games to go

freaking scary

12:28 PM  
Blogger مبتدئ said...

I didnt see a thing, didnt even know

but damn the post got me excited!

HIYAA Bromwich!

4:48 PM  

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