Wednesday, May 18, 2005


Wot a run, eyh? Lemme tel yeh, thears a vibe aboout, ahlryt. Eyh?


Blogger Mo said...

Emphasis on the word "run" there. You can go on a season long run but still end up empty handed.

Cup runs are great for club morale and form, and Liverpool's european form just didn't carry into the league.

Nevertheless, it does make for one juicy summer story if they manage to pull off an upset and beat (a very exhausted looking of late) Milan. Surely the powers that be dare not take the big prize away from the very substandard Everton?

I can almost hear the Everton fans next season going:

"Sparta Moskhow, likhe. Who would've thought they'd beat oos and we'd never end oop playing a single champions league game, eyh?"

9:33 AM  
Blogger Mo said...

Ahh, retrospect..

Liverpool did beat a very tired Milan, and in such dramatic fashion too.

And the powers that be didn't take the prize away from Everton, but it was Villareal and Dinamo Bucharest that ended the dream even before it was October.

Funny coming back to read these old posts again.. =)

3:04 PM  

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