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Arsenal named the Premiership's fastest-growing brand

This post includes my three favorite subjects, football, arsenal, and branding!

Found this link on another football blog and thought Id share it with you guys....

Arsenal named the Premiership's fastest-growing brand

by Julia Pearlman Brand Republic 8 Aug 2005

Arsenal named the Premiership's fastest-growing brand

Arsenal: fastest-growing brand in the Premiership

LONDON – Arsenal might have crashed to defeat against arch-rivals Chelsea yesterday, but the club can take some comfort as it is named the fastest-growing football brand in the Premiership.

The figure is likely to surprise some, with Manchester United being viewed as a bigger brand. However, many of its supporters are international.

With sales of overall branded merchandise soaring by 82%, sales of branded products through Arsenal is set to increase by 20%, according to Granada Ventures.

Granada Ventures, which owns 10% of the club, has predicted another big year for the Arsenal brand in 2005/2006 as the club prepares to move to its new home, Emirates Stadium in Ashburton Grove for the 2006/2007 season.

Arsenal, which lost yesterday's Community Shield match 2-1 to Chelsea at the Millennium Stadium, has an estimated global fanbase of 27m people and is one of the biggest clubs in the world after Man Utd and Real Madrid.

Research by Ipsos has shown that the club's fanbase is young and affluent, with 53% in the ABC1 demographic category and half in the 16-34 age bracket.

Last season saw a huge increase in revenue for the club with video and DVD sales growing by 196%, official annual sales increased by 80% and calendar sales increasing by 300% in 2004.

The naming rights of the club's new stadium is expected to represent the biggest club football sponsorship deal to date.

Charlie Donaldson, head of licensing at Granada Ventures, said: "Arsenal is a massive brand, probably one of the biggest in worldwide sport. Research by Ipsos RSL in February 2005 shows that Arsenal has the fastest growing support in the Premiership.

"The fanbase has increased from 3% of the population in 2002 to 4% in 2005."

Research revealed that 20% of all live matches broadcast in the UK feature Arsenal and 89% of people who support a Premiership football team say Arsenal is one of the three most successful clubs ever.

Thierry Henry came out top as the favourite Premiership player among fans who support a Premiership club.

As well as owning a stake in Arsenal, Granada also owns a stake in premiership club Liverpool. As part of ITV, Granada is currently considering whether to sell its football holdings as it concentrates on its core business.


So, any thoughts on why that is? I personally think its the beautiful football that has been played by the team for the past three years more than anything.

Henry, rest of team, new badge, new look of the team, the youth, new stadium, and everything else are all factors....but without a doubt, I think the main reason for the Arsenal brand becoming what it is has to be Arsene Wenger, who's behind the real magic and style of football on the pitch!

Any thoughts??


Blogger Mo said...

Arsenal sucks.

Uniiiiiited! Uniiiiiited!

Rooooney! Roooonaldo! Ruuuud! etc..

Chelsea fans out there who think its enough to show up to win it again.. prepare to hand over the title. Complacency wins you only one thing. Ridicule. Now piss off with your 2 league titles in 50 years.

Arsenal fans who think they can challenge for the title.. good luck, a bit more experience in depth and maybe when the kids grow older you might win it again in five years. Until then, don't forget to stock up on diapers.

Liverpool fans.. aaah, forget it. I don't even know why I included you here.. Oh wait.. I can hear it.. "but we're european champions you asshole!!!" .. good for you.. I hope you enjoyed the summer with that title.. now defend it.

Alright, that was my beginning of season shit talk. Now let's see how a brand new season unfolds!

Man, I've missed the beautiful game.

4:28 PM  
Blogger Q said...

hahahahahahaha! I love how ur comment was exactly on topic ;P

and I was just about to post something about how good it feels that football is finally back!


btw, did u catch Ronaldinho yesterday against Betis?!? I swear he looked like he was from a different planet! In the second half, the guy was like a one-man show!

1:27 AM  
Blogger forzaq8 said...

but Q , you think the value of arsenal is the same as teams in the usa ? like gaints and red sox and such ?

i mean soccer is world wide and baseball has supporters mostly in the usa , but still you get muliti milion dollar contracts for baseball players and we don't see anything like it in soccer

1:46 AM  

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