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You're Le Boss

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while, but just keep on forgetting…

This is my favorite part of the season: Summer Transfer talk… If you were the coach of your favorite team… what would you do? You’re the gaffer, le boss, Coach, Trainer, Manager, Chief, etc… you’ve got free reign to buy or sell whomever you want... We want to hear about what you would do in the summer to make your team take honors next season…

If I was the boss here’s what the revolutionary fan in me would do – definitely following the need 2 stable players in every position; the beauty of Arsenal is that we’ve got a number of versatile players able to play in all over the pitch… First off: Get rid of Jens – Sell him to Stuttgart for Timo Hildenbrand (A young , strong German goalkeeper – once Kahn pisses off, Timo will be it), keep Almunia in for the carling cup games. Sell Ashley Cole – we have a better defender and player in Gael Clichy (Gael, defends much better than Ash did at that age) + I would only sell him for £18 million or get Trezegoal or Owen for him (depending on where he leaves to) – draft in another left back – there are plenty on the market we can go for, I’m sure Steve Rowley can find us someone good. Sell Lauren as well, I like him but he’s just been caught out on the right way too many times, and he looks all right going forward, but not that convincing. Push Kolo on the right (He’d love to move up and score more goals). Draft in Hoyte and Eboue as stand ins. Keep Sol and Senderoos in the center of defense and sign some Bosman transfer – Kuffour from Bayern, or Nowotny from Bayer. Sell Freddie, we’ll get lots of cash for him now and he’s dipped a little in his form since the days of Red Hair… Buy Wright Phillips from Citeh (I want a Wrighty legacy) and buy this Alexander Hleb (he’s apparently the mutt’s nuts in Germany and has that bad boy image that the gunners like to reform). Keep SuperBob, whatever it takes, this man is a positive role model on the development of our younger stars… keep our 4 midfielders: Gil, Paddy, Flamini, and Cesc (Flamini reminds me of a young French Roy Keane with that work rate and determination, and Cesc – well I don’t really need to tell you he’s going to change the game do I?). up front: Sell Aliadiere (a great player, but hasn’t shown his true worth), Give Titi whatever he wants, and have Robin do his thing… Reyes will get better, and will show us that he will perform on the left wing and up front… Bow down to Bergkamp, because he’s a legend and will teach the youngsters a thing or two… Buy one serious forward… Either trade Cole for Trez or Owen but we need an accomplished striker… That’s the revolutionary fan in me… Or we could keep the status quo and build on what we have…

I was thinking about doing one for my other love in football Barcelona.. but that’s pretty much straightforward: Give Athletico Madrid Riquilme and Saviola for Fernando Torres and buy Rio from United… wait for everyone else to recover…

Ok that’s me, what do you wish for your team?


Blogger Mo said...

Rio's not going anywhere. As for your Arsenal plans, I see that you're planning a raid of the Bundesliga? Great choice for goalkeeper, Timo is definitely the future for Germany. Hleb has been on loan with Stuttgart from Bayern.. I'm not sure if he wants to go back there or not but he's definitely a promising young talent. Now, on to my team.

Manchester United:
The goalkeeper dilemma was "solved" by the recent purchase of Van der Sar.. probably a few years off his peak (we have been wanting to buy him ever since he moved to Juventus) but still a solid all rounder who'll give much needed stability to our defense. He's also been in spectacular form lately, and he's played in the Premiership for quite a few years with Fulham so he knows all about the pace of the game. Keep Timmy on for the future, he's undeniably a great athlete but he needs to mature and develop his concentration levels. Kill Roy Carrol.. oh wait, he's already left. Thank God for that.

As for the defense, wouldn't change a thing. Rio and Brown to continue playing at centerback, with Gary Neville and Heinze as fullbacks. Brown to cover for the ageing Gary if his form dips or he suffers an injury, while O'Shea and Silvestre can more than adequately cover centerback and leftback spots. Flexibility in every position and an average age of 26? Our defense is looking very good indeed.

Midfield? Well, there's been rumors flying around about Ji-Sung Park coming in.. now that'll either be an unqualified success (based on the way he's been playing in the Dutch League and especially in the Champs League against Milan) or a spectacular flop (those far eastern types never quite settle in to the culture).. I'm optimistic though, because after a tough first year with PSV he's actually settled in quite well, which means he's got the potential to be able to fit in with our squad. Other than that, we need to add some depth into our midfield and "replace" (you can never replace, only hope to just about adequately cover) the ailing Roy Keane. Essien has been priced out of range, and if he leaves Lyon then it'll probably be to Chelsea. I struggle to come up with any other names, maybe just a few role players to fill in the gaps since our midfield quartet is already world class (ronaldo, scholes, keane and the recently re-signed for two years giggs).

Up front we have four great strikers and all we need is for them to stay fit and hit good form at key points next season.

The United team is actually quite young and promises much, so the transfer activity this summer will center around goalkeeping (which has already been taken care of) and signing a decent central midfielder to add depth to the squad. Our current midfield replacements are adequate, with Fortune and Phil Neville being quite versatile and Fletcher growing better with every game he plays.

So its looking promising, the foundations are there for this current squad to grow into a formidable unit to rival that of the 98/99 season. If we manage to hang on to our key players and add quality backup then we might just have one of the best squads in the continent for a few years to come.

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Blogger Q said...

BR, this is just ur wishlist right?? U dont expect any of this to happen, do u?

By the way, Hleb deal is practically done, thats what I heard from my source!

If thats done, I would assume he is replacing either Freddie or Bobby, both being linked recently with other teams.

I disagree about Lauren, I think he is one of the most underrated players of the squad, he does not get enough recognition bcz he simply does his job without any fancy stuff!

i agree we need a keeper, and Hilderbrand would be sweet! Again, I doubt it! I actually enjoyed reading that ManU signed VDS as their keeper, he is 34 and everytime I see him I remember Reyes making a fool out of him 2 seasons ago! LOL! He's a solid keeper....8 yrs ago!

I would take a much more conservative approach! I would sell Cole and Freddie bcz they seem to be making noise and talking alot, which shouldnt be happening, and we already have apt replacements in Hleb and Clichy!

Up front, I wouldnt mind Owen at all! Trez is good too but Owen is a much more proven goalscorer! If we get him, great, if we dont, so what? If getting him means swapping with Reyes, no thank you! Reyes has to stay, he gives more every game than anyone!

I would keep Lauren in his place, keep Senderos and Sol center, and Clichy left. Kolo is a utility player, I think he should be used more in a Parlour, Grimandi (remember him?), and Falmini currently role. Dont keep him in defence always!

We need to get another winger too! I love Cesc, who will become a legend, but right is obviously not his better position, when he was played there, it showed! Hleb plays right and left, so if either Freddie or Bobby leave, we still need another replacement!
SWP would be great but it wont happen, too expensive!

I also got news that we signed a Greek U-21 striker called Giorgos Samaras from Heerenveen but loaning him to them for 1year. Apparently this guy is 20, 193cm, very fast and very talented, "they're comparing him to Batistute" was the message I got!

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Blogger Bahraini Rants said...

Mo: well I don't think we'll be able to get our hands on any decent defenders from Italy, the French defenders are great, but need a season at least to get used to the pace of the premiership. Ze Germans are well disciplined and spend all their time training.. I'd love a defender with a some bundesliga experience in him.. Kevin Hoffland is in Germany now and remember him? he was touted as the next Stam if not better..

Q: Son - What would you do if you were the boss? how would you rearrange your team? I love Lauren, he's tough, but lets face it, he ain't the best right back we can get... We're constantly exposed on the right flank and that's where teams break into our 18 yard box - attacking on the left...

2:32 AM  
Blogger Mo said...

After some investigation following the recent transfer of Hleb to Arsenal, I regret to inform everyone that I made a slight mistake in my last comment.

Hleb was never on loan from Bayern, he was bought from Belurussian side BATE Borisov for 100K sterling.

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