Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Vieira to Juve...aftermath?

Reports have surfaced that a deal is done and sealed between the two clubs, ranging between 12-15 mil pounds.

As an Arsenal fan, Im not that sad about him leaving, he was a great Arsenal player, but next year he is 30, and with Wenger's 1 yr contract policy for over 30 coming, and remembering the fact that he has had 2 average seasons to his standards, and the emergance of Fabregas (the future king of arsenal), its not that big of a loss!

The question he replacable? We certainly dont have replacement now, after selling both him and Edu. Gilberto+Fabregas midfield is not bad, but we need a world class midfielder, but are there any players available anywhere?? Essien is a name heard alot, but Chelsea's 26mil offer was refused, so no way!

Its a confusing time! If you were in Wenger's place, who would you go for?? He promised 2 'world-class' players to arrive, and so far we got Hleb, and Baptista doesnt want to leave Spain, so I guess there still is at least one more world class player! Must be another midfielder, right??


Blogger Mo said...

Ahh Q.. your expectations of young Cesc are crippling. Fabregas is what, 18? He may yet grow into quite the midfield maestro, but don't expect him to play next season as spectacularly as he did his first. There have been countless examples of players who have arrived and dazzled in their first season when nothing was expected of them (come on, what were your REAL expectations when you first heard that Arsenal had signed a young 'un by the name of Cesc Fabregas?) only to struggle to live up to their former standards once the fans had had a taste of what they can bring to the team. John O'Shea and Tim Howard (as a Man United fan) come to mind when recalling the infamous second year blues that afflict most up-and-coming athletes. Some of them deal with the weight of expectation and return to form (O'Shea) and some need more time and may never regain their former levels (Howard so far, but hopefully he'll grow out of it now that the pressure is slightly off). However, Fabregas may yet prove me wrong and continue in playing the way he has been.

To say that you're not sad about Viera's departure is alarming. Granted, he hasn't been the player he was two years ago but he's still a no-brainer for the team sheet. The captain and the inspirational force behind the team, only Roy Keane and Steven Gerrard in the Premiership have the same galvanizing effect on their peers. To answer your question: At the moment he'll be very difficult to replace. Not only are you looking for a defensive midfielder and organizer of the highest calibre, you're also looking for someone to pass the captain's armband to (current team members included). Good luck.

6:53 AM  
Blogger Q said...

Mo, regarding Fabregas, my thoughts when we first 'stole' him from Barcelona were "Brilliant"!! Barcelona would not be as angry about losing a 15 yr old if he wasnt special, and my feelings were confermed after doing a bit of research about him. At 15, he was the World U-17 championship top scorer, which is mindblowing considering he was so much younger that others (15 to 17 is very dif than 25 to 27 physically and mentally), and also considering he is a midfielder.

I was disappointed we didnt see him the first season he was at Arsenal except once, and that was a cup game where he scored on his debut! Then starts last season, with him being thrown into the picture because of injuries and so on, and you could see how amazing he was! At 17, his understanding of the game was incredible!! Watch his game carefully, and you will understand what I mean about him being a future legend. The kid has such a great vision of the game! He does what he is supposed to do to perfection, nothing fancy and no showboating (unlike VanPersie when he first came on, or Quincy). Being able to cope on such a high level is incredible, and being able to excell in it is even more incredible!! He is more of a Rooney type player than O'shea. He is always consistent, but has a few flaws that will hopefully change with time, such as his long range shots, and he seems to get tired, but those can change with time, practice, and some time in the gym.

As for Vieira, you're right, his loss will create a huge gap in the team, but the way I think about it is, if I was in Dein and Wenger's place, and I got that offer for Vieira, I would definitely consider it! You know what I mean? Im sure if ManU decided to let Keano go, you would thank him for his service, and wouldnt make a big fuss over it now. Gerrard is a dif case, he's still very young, 25, with alot of time to learn the game. Vieira on the other hand does seem to have lost interest in recent years.

He is irreplacable, and I think we will struggle this season and maybe next, but we have one of the youngest squads with some fantastic skill in the team, in the long term, I am very confident!

12:12 PM  
Blogger forzaq8 said...

as a juventus fan Vieira is nice , but he is old , ( 28 ) and i think most players after 30 lose most of their play

but its nice , juventus been missing a good mid player

3:54 PM  
Blogger Q said...

forza, nice?? NICE?!?

FUCKING AWSOME would be more like it! U basically acquired the services of the best holding midfeilder in the world for cheap!

4:55 PM  
Blogger Mo said...

I think the tag of best holding midfielder in the world has got to be given to Claude Makalele for his recent form. He might not share the class and attacking play of Vieira (remember, Patrick used to be a creative midfielder back in the day.. Makalele has always been a ball-hunter) but he's been hands-down the most consistent ball winner in Europe over the last season.

As for 28 or 29 being old, then I'll have to disagree with you on that forzaQ8. Traditionally players are considered to be at the peak of their powers between the ages of 27-29. Vieira to Juventus is massive, since they've got a world class center midfield pairing in him and Emerson. All he needs now is to get over his little injury niggles and he should demonstrate to everyone why he's still the French national team captain.

12:58 AM  

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