Friday, June 03, 2005

Bahrain v. Japan

I'm currently writing this whilst feeling utterly dejected. I just suffered through 90 minutes of Chinese commentary (and 15 minutes of strange, strange Chinese advertisements) while sitting in my bedroom, all alone, staring at a computer screen. You'd think I would've gotten more in return for the time I invested.

Who the hell are we kidding, thinking that playing 1 striker and lumping long balls to him was going to cut the mustard against Japan? Since when did we turn into a long ball team anyway?! What happened to our slick, one touch attacking football that got us to where we are at the moment (in terms of expectation, we haven't really won anything just yet)? Our defending has improved markedly, probably due to the stricter roles the midfield players and the fullbacks have to play in terms of tracking back.. but it has just sucked the creative force out of the team completely.

If these are what Sidka calls tactics, then I'm missing that turncoat Srecko already.


Blogger Bahraini Rants said...

I'm gutted.. Ridiculous.. There were moments of hope, and then periods of "WAKE UP LADS", capping it off with "well, it's Nakata, Ono, and Nakamura in midfield.."
I still remain hopeful though - We're still in this...

12:11 PM  
Blogger Mo said...

We're in this for the third place spot I'm afraid. We have to give all three points to Japan when they play North Korea in 5 days, meaning they'll be uncatchable at 12 points.

Our only hope now is that we beat Iran conclusively and keep a clean sheet, and then cross our fingers for Japan to get all three points off of them in the final game. This is assuming we're going to beat N. Korea with a shitload of goals.

That way, it'll come down to second place between us and Iran (both on 10 points). We'll have to make up quite some ground in terms of goal difference to leapfrog them however, since they're on +4 while we're on -1 at the moment.

12:59 PM  
Blogger homer simpson said...

we're for third place now.

Even if we beat iran and north korea.... then iran and japan will go into their final game knowing they need a point each to go through. Any whiz knows what the score will be in that game, in thsi scenario.

This is assuming that Japan lose to North Korea, which I definitely hope DOES NOT HAPPEN. why? because north korea will be able to compete for third place. Let's be content with what we might have.

On the other hand, if Japan beat North Korea, they'll be already through,and won't be that bothered with the Iran game.

Basically, Iran and Japan each need only one point from two games. We need the full six and have to hope that one of Iran or Japan not get a single point.Obviously, Iran and Japan know they can get their point by simply drawing with each other in their game. That leaves us out whatever happens.

Trinidad and Tobago it is, but first we have to be North Korea and then beat Kuwait or Uzbekistan. The road just got much longer and winder.

1:31 PM  
Blogger forzaq8 said...

hah , at this rate we going to face bahrain and lose 10-0

that is if we beat Uzbekistan , we have no chance Vs korea

1:48 PM  

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