Monday, August 15, 2005

Why I hate Real Madrid...

Yes,, they may be the Galacticos, they retain the services of a blessed genius named Zizou, they have the grand history of a footballing marvel, they have all the players I love - but alas, I cannot love a team like Real Madrid for one specific reason... They are Real Madrid...

Most of my friends are Madrid fans - I don't blame their glory hunting ambitions - when a team can say boast Zidane, Raul, Roberto Carlos, Robinho, Ivan, Fatsoronaldo, El Becko, and Saint Ilker on their roster: why wouldn't you support them? I'll tell you why.. because I cannot support a team that has established itself by sucking the life out of other teams, by shifting the blame onto other people, by having debts magically written from their balances - is this a football team or a financial enterprise hell bent on merchandise and profit - using their famous supporters to their advantage? Just when you think the storm has subsided and you might be able to support this team - they turn around and shit on the footballing world once again - proving their contempt for the beautiful game..

Allow me to explain my anger... It all began with the cold war... Spain is a country divided by many ethnicities: the Castilians, Catalans, Galicians, Basques, Andalusians, the islanders (canary, malaga, mallorca), the list does continue.. Some of these ethinicities have their own languages, their own way of life - but all were controlled by the Castilians from Madrid.. just look at a road map of Spain, all roads lead to Madrid... Again, before you label me a Spain or Madrid Basher - Most of my friends from Spain are Madridistas and I love them dearly, but I hate (and they know this) their football club, Real Madrid... Anyways, Real Madrid means Royal Madrid and has been a symbol of Castilian football... fair enough, not a problem, but when the different people of Spain were not allowed to speak their own language and had to adopt Castilian Spanish as their mother tongue - things felt a little wrong - when the only place you can speak Catalan without the fear of being shot by the Guardia Civil, is the Estadio Nou Camp, things felt a little wrong... Generalissimo Francisco Franco and his rightist controlled Spain and was a huge Real Madrid fan.. After all, Madrid embodied everything 'Spanish' - in his eyes, they should be the true representation of Spain..

Stealing Players
Alfredo Di Stefano, a rising Argentine football star, was plying his trade with Colombian team Millonarios when he was first spotted by Barcelona scouts.. I've just researched this information on the web, and have found so many conflicting stories, but after conferring with Charly Garcia (a lifelong Madrid fan, my story is pretty close to the truth)... So Barcelona buys Di Stefano's contract and brings him to play in La Liga and score goals for the Azulgrana... Midway through the first season, Real decide that it's just not fair, so they contact Di Stefano's old club in Argentina (River Plate) and get them to prepare documentation that Madrid actually bought him from them... I find this story hard to believe because Millonarios were a footballing powerhouse at the time, they were one of the strongest teams in South America, how would they have snagged a River Plate star without agreeing a deal? But this is where Real's string pulling comes into play and they manage to bring this dispute to the Spanish courts, where Franco decides that both Barcelona and Madrid own Di Stefano's contract and that they should share him. Barcelona refuse and offer to sell him to Juventus... Madrid refuse, Leave FC Barcelona to cut their losses and give up Di Stefano... what happens next? Madrid begin their Historical Stamp in European football with Di Stefano and Ferenc Puskás
as the golden boys winning 5 European Championships in a row.. the blonde arrow has since become the Honorary Chairman of Madrid (even though he was originally brought to Spain through Barcelona and taken from them unfairly)...

Raúl González Blanco: the prince of Real Madrid - the club captain.. their Hero, their Golden Boy... A little boy snapped up in the middle of the night from their fierce city rivals: Athletico Madrid.. Your golden boy...

Madrid haven't really produced any fantastic homegrown players.. All their players came from someplace else.. not like the other Spanish teams that produced fine young talent: Barsa: Xavi, Puyol, Guardiola, iniesta, valdes - Sevilla: Reyes, Ramos - Athletic de Bilbao: Exteberria, Del Horno - Athletico Madrid: Torres - I'm running out of names..

Current Regime bullcrap
Florentino Perez was elected in 2000 as president and is now serving his second term... Uncle Flo, has meddled in transfer affairs - trying to be a Moggi of Juve, but with the Panache of an obnoxious loudspeaker. He boasts greatness before proving anything... He coined Galacticos - and that's true, his players were real fantasticos... But his meddling turned it into more of a money making scheme.. Galacticos were a brand and Real Madrid had the rights... refusing to buy players before they sign over their merchandising rights? I understand running a club is a business, but you cannot forget about the game... the more Perez flaunted his talents the more they fizzled... Then he comes up with the Policy of Pavons and Zidanes... are you serious? ok Uncle Flo has purchased some amazing players - no doubt about that, but where have they brought forth Pavons? Pavon has yet to establish himself and I fear they've already buried the youngster's talent with all this pressure.. Claude Makalele leaves because Flo refuses to pay him the right salary he deserves, since then, Madrid have no silverware in their trophy cabinet - even though they had all those Galacticos.. Their Coach Del Bosque was a regular coach, who brought them fortunes, how do they treat him? kick his ass out to the curb, just like they did to their talismanic captain Hierro - the man who kept everything together.. they fucking cut the guy after all those years of service... you don't do that man - after that, they suffer from gaps in defense because Hierro isn't there to develop young stars like Pavon, he's not there to organize the back line - to command the game...

One can only think that Perez took a team of Professional Giants and invited a bullshit superstar ego problem.. (Remember the days of Suker & Mijatovic, Zamorano?) This is how Perez likes to treat players and his staff.. look at the Sporting Director at the club - it used to be former Madrid Argentine Hero: Jorge Valdano - for a while he was the man, he was king bringing Figo and Zidane into the club.. now? a forgotten memory replaced by Emilio Butrageneo, who will share the same fate as long as Perez is in Charge...

When they needed a player to bolster their defense, Perez brought in an offensive minded player.. Real Madrid has always let in goals, they just always tried to score more than their opponent. But listen to the coach and the rest of the world - you need to create a football team, it's not all about brand imaging... They had the chance to sign Patrick Vieira from Arsenal, but then decided not to, because they wouldn't give him a Galacticos Salary - but the whole time, Perez kept on talking telling everyone how Patrick was the best player in his position... yer full of shit flo..

Samuel Eto'o was owned by Madrid, he was an incredible prospect, everyone knew it.. he was more than instrumental in keeping Real Mallorca alive and kicking in La Liga. All he wanted to do was play for Madrid... you know what they did? they sold half his contract to Mallorca and then completely sold him to Barcelona.. Know what happens next? Eto'o goals help Barcelona win La Liga in the 04/05 season..

Another example of Madrid's ‘unbelievable fortune’ in Spain: after the successive record transfers of Figo and Zidane, Madrid find themselves a record 165 million pounds sterling in debt. What do they do? they sell their 50 year old training complex "Ciudad deportiva" for an overvalued amount of approximately 347 million pounds sterling.. how do you ask this happened? well They say that Perez got the city councilors to reclassify the land to development property - and with that Madrid's debts were wiped.. Perez made his millions as a contractor and builds Madrid's next training compound for a nice tidy profit.. you make the call... corruption??? this stinks like Bernard Tapie and his meddling that robbed Marseille of their Champions League Trophy in the 90s..

This is just some of the bullshit I don't like... Luxe is the new coach, and I'm hoping they can go back to the days of deserved champions.. I'm still thinking of that goal Zidane scored in the Champions League... but apart from that, something is rotten in the state of Real Madrid… sorry for my rambling - it's just how i feel..

ohh yeah: Frank's Army will do it back to back, just you wait and see..


Blogger Mo said...

I must admit, I hate the arrogant and pompous attitude of Real Madrid just as much as you do, but I'm kind of happy that they've been taught a good lesson over the last two seasons.

Zidanes e Pavons was the Thalidomide brainchild of the misguided Snr. Perez, but its what he was re-elected for. As much as his plan was flawed, promising star power gets you elected by the club's fans and season ticket holders (or members, as they call them in Spain) and its how Laporta managed to get into office following the departute of Joan Gaspart. By promising the Catalans Golden Balls and having to settle for Ronaldinho (awww, now ain't that a bitch?) he managed to dupe the fans into voting him into the presidency. Perez started it all off when he promised the fans Figo and delivered after his election (by whatever underhanded means) and the same trick worked for him once again in 2002 when he promised Ronaldo. Admittedly Laporta knew that his job was mainly to streamline the club's finances and bring it back from the red, which resulted in a better relationship with his manager and a lack of meddling when it came to ilmusta6eel ilakhdhar (the green rectangle). Perez didn't a draw a line as to where his responsibilities ended, and the fans had to suffer as a result.

It would drive me insane when my recent-convert football fan friends would drool at the sight of Real Madrid on tv. As much as I hate to admit it, there was a certain sense of jealousy.. before the arrival of Beckham and sale of Makalele the "Galacticos" were a pleasure to watch when and if they showed up to play on any given matchday. That Zidane goal in the 2001/02 Champions League final is forever etched into my mind. I also hated the fact that blatant disregard for the importance of the defensive facets of football was being rewarded with such success.

Oh and how it all crumbled so magnificently after that game. Selling Makalele was when Perez lost the plot, and I'm sorry to say it Mr.Beckham but you picked the wrong team at the wrong time. Hierro was old and error-prone, but the way he was discharged was shameful. He could've stayed on to at least help nurture a defensive talent brought in during that summer. Del Bosque let the players do what they wanted (training was even optional for some!) and with creative players like that you have to loosen the reins.. you can't fit them into a rigid system like the unfortunately arm-pit-sweat-gland challenged Camacho tried to do. It was working, but he wasn't deemed a good enough coach even after 2 Champions League and 2 League trophies in 4 years and poor Vicente was sent packing.

They tried fixing things by bringing in some decent center backs (Samuel and Woodgate), but one flopped and was sent to Inter this summer and the other will forever be injured. And then they realized that Number 23 is not a defensive midfielder, and that they need Helguera at the back too much.. so they finally went out and got a replacement for Makalele in the form of Thomas Gravesen. Now lads, what's the point in locking the gate after the horse has bolted?

Now that Figo has left signalling the end of the Galactico era, the richly named Wanderley Luxemburgo will try to restore a sense of normality to a team that has been hyped up to the point where their inflated image was only hiding a shell of a football squad. His purchases have been sound yet unspectacular (save for Robinho, who's all potential at the moment) and he's restored a work ethic and a defensive solidity to a team that has been relying far too heavily on a few players to produce match winning moments of magic week in and week out.

Wow, I managed to get through this whole comment without mentioning how bad Raul has become!

3:38 AM  
Blogger forzaq8 said...

i always tell Real Madrid fans

if they don't won at least 3/0 or 4/1 its a lost :P

6:03 AM  
Blogger Bahraini Rants said...

sound reply, touching on a number of points i left out.. But don't go spreading rumors about Barsa being in the red... During the lost years after that Van Gaal La Liga victory in 98 or was it 99 - the Barcelona presidency fell to the hands of Joan Gaspart - A very nice fellow but not president material... It was during that period that Barsa was mismanaged... players were purchased but brought no proper result to the team (Alfonso - Dani - Christanval - Petit) They let Guardiola go, changing managers seasonally & bringing back Van Gaal after a decent part of the Durch contingent had left, they feel victim to Kluivert and Rivaldo's wage demands... that said, Rivaldo's wages were totally justified to me after that goal scored that sent them to the champions league and not Valencia that one season (RF you know what I'm talking about). Laporta was a lawyer and was in charge of the Blue Elephant (a vocal Barsa supporters) - he enlisted Sandro Rossell (ex nike south america vp) as his running mate. It was Sandro's convincing that landed them his good friend from his Nike days, Ronaldinho.. Laporta wanted to take over Barcelonas management, spend their money wisely, and make sure they made the right decisions... Since he's taken charge, Barsa have purchased the right type of players, Frank has done a wonderful job and is finally proving his critics wrong, and they can all sleep at night humming "We are the champions"..

Barcelona is a club of tradition and history... It is has always been a proper representation of the Catalan footballer... the Stadium was the only place they could freely speak their language during the time of Franco. The tickets are passed down from generation to generation. Barcelona is a proud club that refuses to wear a sponsor on their Jerseys (they will, starting very soon Beijing 2008)... This has never been soley about money for them.. ok enough with my barsa propaganda... Everyone should support them, even if it's just for ronaldinho, but don't forget about Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Romario, Hristo, Hagi, Koeman, Gary L, Laudrup, De Boer, Pepe, Cruyff, puyol, Guily, eto'o, gio, etc...

Madrid's problems started with Makalele, and I believe they were dumb to get rid of Walter Samuel (a young centerback, proven champion, good strength, and a fixture in the Argentine National setup - you're going to get rid of him and plug whom in his place?). The treatment of Solari is also shameful in which the player has consistently played and bailed Real out of games... they guy confesses that he wants to play for madrid and they tell him to buzz off...

Luxe looks like he can be a good fit with Madrid... He's gotten rid of his aging stars... brought in the beast(who can operate as a power forward or a defensive midfielder - freeing up el becko back to the right...) Robinho will add new dimensions to the team's play.. who knows... woodgate and ivan in defense isn't that bad, but they'll need better cover, and I doubt Pavon can do it.. he managed a sheen his first season and since has dried up... The Madrid youngsters are getting fed up, led by Portillo - who looked pretty good in those champions league games and didn't do too bad with Fiorentina...

I guess all will reveal itself in the coming season

7:55 AM  
Anonymous Eldimoni said...

Well said.
I am a Barca fan, and i love my team. I also have a dislike for Madrid but not just cos they are Madrid and thats how Barca fans should think, its more as a result of their football philosophy and arrogance.
Madrid is now all about marketing, and there seems to be no real interest in creating a cohesive unit that will win games (fairly). Instead they rely upon some individually great players, but as a unit they cant gel.

Of course if you support them, you will tend to look at the positives, but any supporter who thinks the president is doing a great job for the club needs their head checking.

Madrid is less like a football club these days and more like a circus and they would love you to buy an entry ticket and all the souveniers.

5:06 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

You have to study before that you speak about something that you have not idea. For example, Malaga an Island? Please!!! Andalusies, please!!!

And Casillas, Guti, Soldado, Pavon, Mejia, etc... ?

Come back to school!!! or don't speak about!!!

7:29 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Man just to do repentance real should call back that cool cucumber basque . I think it will be one step toward the right direction and just rebuild the team slowly. No overnight dramatic shift but the change should be slow and steady .No need to buy players or offload them at haste simply do them slowly .

11:16 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hahahaha madrid lost last night

5:40 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ok, I know I am aaaages too late, but just wanted to fix some factual errors. Colombia was considered a "rogue" league at the time by FIFA, cause according to them they were operating outside of their rules. River Plate owned the rights to di Stefano from 1955 -->, if Barcelona wanted di Stefano earlier they had to pay both River Plate and Millionarios. But Barcelona put in a modest offer, and said that if Millionarios didnt accept di Stefano would leave anyways and move to Spain. They ofcourse didnt accept, so di Stefano left. In Spain however the Spanish federation didnt accept the deal because both River Plate and Millionarios had to consent to the deal according to them.
While the Barcelona board was discussing what to do, Bernabeu talked di Stefano into joining Real Madrid instead. This ofcourse created a problem, cause now both teams had deals with the player. And the Spanish federation put a ban on foreign players, however di Stefano would be allowed a four year deal in Spain, playing two years with Real Madrid and two with Barcelona. This didnt sit well with the Barcelona fans and the management so the President was thrown out, and the new management opted to get out of the deal for a 4 million peseta compensation.

11:37 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

fuck barca
fuck barca
fuck barca
fuck barca
fuck barca
fuck barca
fuck barca

9:03 AM  
Blogger nami o fish said...

and that's why I hate Cristiano Ronaldo.Always whining about his dream to Real Madrid.

A Man United and Atletico Madrid fan,but adore Barca football too.


11:35 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Franco never helped the stadium when it was destroyed. Madridistas took money from their own pockets to rebuild the destroyed part of the Stadium. You can't just say that Real Madird is Franco's pet.

And don't forget that Franco allowed the Catalans to build Camp Nou in a low price because he admired the fighting spirit of the Catalans. The government of Catalunya that time paid respect to him by giving him 2 medals that recognizes his administration, but now they only recognize only 1.

Franco used Real Madrid, Atletico and Barcelona for his political ambitions.

You need to research more.

11:37 AM  
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Blogger Петко Петков said...

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2:32 AM  
Blogger Петко Петков said...

This comment has been removed by the author.

2:35 AM  
Blogger Петко Петков said...

Man you couldn't describe better the way I feel towards Real Madrid... If they stopped buying stars after the great transfers of Figo and Zidane I'd probably not hate them so much but they turned themselves into a big global corporation using big players to wash their money! I'm a huge Man United and David Beckham fan and trust me I hate the fact that Becks went to play for Madrid but still I'm glad it was only for 4 years... I hate the way they treat their players. They bury careers every year and in the end they turn to be ungateful! We all saw the way they treated Hierro, Morientes and Raul. Three true Madridistas and awesome players they all were expended to pave the way for the ''big'' signings of Samuel, Ronaldo and C.Ronaldo respectively. What about players like Beckham, R.Carlos or Figo who just played out there winning matches, selling shirts, almost selling their souls to the Devil... they all were expended too. For us these players were argubly the best football generation ever, but for Real they're just tools, expendable assets. That's disgusting! For me Real Madrid is the mafia in football. I love football and hate money therefore I can't support people that put money over football and build all their lives on gaining millions and millions buying literally everything!

2:38 AM  
Blogger Aravind Krishnan said...

I also hate real madrid. They simply buy the best players in the world. The UEFA should ban them.

4:36 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well as they say "you can be the moon and still be jealous of the the Stars". This is just the attitude of the entire world as far as Real Madrid is concerned. But why?? Success breeds jealousy its a fact of life. Madrid win 10 Champions league titles but people will always find ways to take that away ( Franco, etc etc). If Madrid buys a alot of players they are criticized. but when Barca or Manu does the same no one cares. Why is that?? As far as i am concerened Madrid is the biggest and the most successful club in the world!! If its so hard for the rest of the world to deal with it i would say go and fuck yourself!!

8:22 AM  

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