Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Disrespectful Children

I'm guessing all of you have read about the apparent gagging of Roy Keane following the Middlesbrough fiasco by cancelling his interview on MUTV. Well, the whole situation has been kept under wraps with no formal explanations or even acknowledgements from club officials.

A short article on Soccernet today roughly reveals the contents of the Keane interview that never was. In typical Keano fashion he has ripped into the players for such an insipid performance, and took it a step further by suggesting that instead of January purchases being made to rectify the situation, a club clear out is the real solution to Manchester United's ailments. One of the players he singled out from that game was Rio Ferdinand (and rightly so). Apparently Keane had said: "Just because you are paid £120,000 a week and play well for 20 minutes against Tottenham, you think you are a superstar". He then followed by complaining about the lack of characters and leadership within the team.

What really hit home the most was his final statement in which he says: "I wasn't surprised by the result. I had been expecting one like this. I am sick of having to say it and they are sick of listening to me. They have let down the club, the manager and the fans".

Now that actually shocked me. When Roy Keane lambasts you for a poor performance you play your next game like a man possessed just to avoid getting on his bad side again. When our captain complains of having to harp on about the same issues constantly with the players not responding then it almost paints a picture of an adult lecturing a bunch of adolescents while they roll their eyes in annoyance. That pisses me off. When did the players ever lose fear and respect for the captain and the manager? Is Keane losing his potency as a leader because his injuries are limiting his abilities on the field? He is a prime model for the "leading by example" ethos, and his tireless work from box to box in his heyday would inspire all around him. When players that are 8, 9 or 10 years his junior start disregarding his criticism then you know there's a problem. Is it a problem that's inherent within the current generation of overpaid young premadonnas masquerading around as footballers? Are they really so full of themselves that they no longer care about the heirarchy of football, where the captain is your leader on the pitch, the manager the leader of your life and the fans the reason you're even there to begin with? Maybe they think that they're talented enough to go to any other club they choose if things go belly-up at this one.

I watched that game last Saturday and I can safely say that (bar Rooney) not one of those players out there exhibited the hunger for success required from a Manchester United player. If they don't re-examine their priorities and realize that winning (and not money) is what matters then I'd fully support Keane on his suggestion and kick every single one of them out the front door on a Bosman. Players like that aren't worth the dirt stuck to the bottom of their overpriced boots.


Blogger Q said...

Mo, this is something that has become expected to happen in a club like ManU! No disrespect at all, but the style of management used by Ferguson has always been based on scaring his players into discipline, and he has said b4 that he wanted Keane to follow in his steps as manager (but i think Keane said he's out of ManU for good next season, correct me if im wrong in this)!

Ferguson created a dream team in the late 90s, and it was basically a team of kids that he led to success from their early years. The old fashioned management style of disciplining kids by instilling fear in them worked like a charm. Then they grew up, and everything changed!! Best example was Beckham leaving after a season of increasing fighting between him Ferguson! All these ex-kids became world superstars, and things change!

Its a battle of egos, and the screaming style doesnt suit superstars! Its getting old in their opinion. Although Ferguson did tone it down alot in the past 2 yrs!

Also, if u notice the games on tv, Ferguson never talks to Queiroz! I can never understand that! I personally think Queiroz would be the best next option.

As a side note, as an Arsenal fan, this week has been great :) A loss for Chelsea in CL against 17th in Spain, with a draw against Everton 20th b4 their win againsgt Blackburm. As for ManU, a loss in prem and in CL. And of course a 3-0 win for us with a great performance finally! :)

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