Sunday, November 06, 2005

Kids Come Good

Man Utd 1 - 0 Chelsea

Now THAT was a performance. Each and every single player was magnificent. They chased, they harried, they passed and they got the all-important goal. This is what this side is capable of, and that's what we the fans expect every single game. I hope this kickstarts our season and we go on to put a nice run together.

Old Trafford should be renamed from the "Theatre of Dreams" to "Graveyard of Unbeaten Runs"..



Blogger Q said...

I was jumping up and down after the final whistle!!

Well done ManYoo!

Thanks for ensuring that our 49 game unbeaten streak continues! Chelsea were getting close with 40!

For a bit of laughter, read this article!

Btw, Smith was incredible today! Brown (aka Ginger Afro) was incredibly shit! I was surprised he wasnt subbed from first half!

4:50 PM  
Blogger Mo said...

Manchester United has always been a club with a knack for rising up to the occasion.. now if we can only pretend that every side we play is coming on to the field with a 40-odd game undefeated streak, I guarantee that we'd win every single tournament we were in..

Smith was incredible indeed.. I felt he had really come of age in this game but I wouldn't be too eager to say that he's the finished article just yet. A few seasons ago our second string side (due to horrendous injury problems) defeated Arsenal 2-0 at Old Trafford with Phil Neville playing the game of his life in the center of the park and completely nullifying Patrick Vieira. Needless to say, poor old Phil continued warming the bench following that game and has since moved on to Everton. Smithy's getting better, and he has age on his side, so I've got nothing but optimism regarding his development into a solid central midfielder. I wouldn't say he's there just yet, though.

As for Brown, for a player who's been out for a number of months I think he's played quite a solid game at right back. The backline played a tremendous game and, bar the odd lapse in concentration or stray pass, worked very well as a unit. Wes is a very talented young man, and if he can stay injury-free then he should be a huge boost to our defence corps.

The article is quite funny in retrospect. I wouldn't begrudge Makalele for saying that, though. After the Bolton game (although Bolton did collapse rather than being simply run over) I think the feeling in most of the footballing world was that Chelsea was an unstoppable team. A few games and bad results down the line and the future doesn't look all that bleak for the rest of us.

5:42 PM  

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