Monday, September 19, 2005


Now I know you were all looking forward to seeing if Qadam can go a whole month without any new posts or comments, the anticipation and excitement must've been quite captivating..

However, I'm sorry to have to rain on everyone's parade but I thought I'd share an article that caught my attention with you all.. its quite humorous, and I found it very enjoyable.

Q, I noticed you had a draft post saved discussing Chelsea's money and whether it was good or bad for the game.. maybe reading this will inspire you to share it with us at some point? I must say, I've been curious to read it for quite some time now..

This is linked to, so although most of you will probably have clicked on it and read it, some people seem to prefer other football-fix-providing sites for obscure personal reasons (correct me if I'm wrong here, Bikeshed) and might've missed out on reading this..

Just to set the scene, Soccernet run a weekly section where the best players during the weekend are selected and reviewed.. this link leads you to the Premiership weekend spanning the 17th to the 19th of September.